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The Meadoword, established in 1983 as a small community newsletter, is the monthly newspaper of The Meadows Community Association. Since that time, it has grown into a 36- to 40-page tabloid.

Distributed monthly, the newspaper includes news about what's going on in The Meadows, reports from the Association's Board and committees, and information about events and other activities of interest to the community. The paper also includes a classified section, business card section, and display advertising.

2018 Meadoword deadlines

Display advertising

Camera-ready display ads are due by the 10th of each month prior to publication. New and revised ads are due two days prior to the 10th. If the 10th falls on a weekend or Monday holiday, display ads are due the previous business day. We may change deadline dates to accommodate holidays, short production months, or extenuating circumstances. Deadlines for the next issue are always published in The Meadoword We will try to send a reminder notification for the upcoming deadlines whenever possible. We do not guarantee placement of an ad in a requested section of the paper.

NOTE: Color is available for ANY SIZE AD AT AN ADDITIONAL COST per month. Please see the Advertising Specs of page 2 of the Advertising Contract for color charges. Ads placed in the BIZ Directory section of the paper include color. There is no discount for placing a black and white ad in this section.

If you would like to place a display ad in The Meadoword, contact the Advertising Manager at or (941) 377-2300. See The Meadoword Advertising Specifications for current ad rates and detailed specifications. New advertisers must complete and sign an advertising contract and prepay ads by the new advertiser deadline prior to publication. We accept checks and cash payments but are not set up to accept credit cards.

Please provide your advertising artwork in high-resolution (300dpi or greater) digital format and send as an email attachment to the Editor at Please direct your advertising and design questions and concerns to the Editor.

The Meadoword does not accept political ads.


Classified advertising

Classified ads must be received by the 13th of each month for publication in the following month's edition. If the 13th falls on a weekend or Friday or Monday holiday, classified ads are the previous business day. We may change deadline dates to accommodate special holidays like Christmas and New Year's as well as short produciton months and extenuating circumstances. Deadlines for the next issue will always be published in the the current issue of The Meadoword.

If you would like to run a classified ad in our newspaper, stop by or call the MCA office during business hours. All classified ads must be prepaid. The first ten words are $4.00; each additional word is ten cents. To place a classified ad, please contact the MCA front desk at 941-377-2300 or email


Articles and Letters to the Editor

Meadows residents are welcome to submit articles or letters to the editor for publication in The Meadoword. Submissions must be of general interest to The Meadows community. The Meadoword is an apolitical newspaper and reserves the right to refuse content that may be offensive, inappropriate, or inaccurate. The editorial staff copy edits all material for accuracy, punctuation, grammar, and clarity and may also change material as approriate to fit space or comply with Meadoword style.

The submission deadline for all articles and letters to the editor is the 10th of the month prior to publication. If the 10th falls on a weekend day or holiday, the deadline is moved up to the Friday before the 10th. On occasion, we may change deadline dates to accommodate holidays. Deadlines for the next issue will always be published in the current issue of The Meadoword.

Email editorial content to the Editor,



The Meadoword is distributed to more than 4,000 residences in The Meadows. Copies are also mailed to advertisers and, on a subscription basis, to seasonal residents at their summer locations. Newspapers are also placed at various business locations in the area.


Subscription Rates

A subscription to The Meadoword is a great way to stay current with The Meadows community no matter where in the world you are! Current rates reflect a break-even cost that covers postage, labor, and materials:

USA, $2.00/month
Canada, $3.50/month
International, $6.25/month

Checks for subscriptions should be made payable to the MCA. For more information or to subscribe, contact the MCA office at The Meadows Community Association, Inc., 2004 Longmeadow, Sarasota FL 34235, (941) 377-2300, or email



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