The Meadows of Sarasota, FL

The Meadows community, located in a unique, natural setting, houses more than 7,000 individuals in single-family homes and villas close to downtown Sarasota and several beaches on the Gulf of Mexico's beautiful West Coast. Sarasota is a cultural center in the region, offering many opportunities to enjoy the arts. There is something here for just about everyone! Read more ...

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Social Health

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• MCA Disaster Plan 2018

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A number of residents have inquired about how the MCA is structured.
The MCA Organization Chart shows the governance and administrative structure of the organization.
MCA Condo and HOAs lists the condo and homeowner associations in The Meadows. The number in parentheses after each association name indicates the number of residences in that association. black line

MCA staff Lisa Compton at and Kathy Gibson,, are the individuals who may complete estoppel certificates on behalf of the MCA. black line

MCA AFTER HOURS CALL LISTAllows Meadows Safety officers to call residents after MCA business hours for urgent reasons like an open garage door overnight, a water leak, etc. Please contact the MCA, 941-377-2300, to verifty whether or not you want to remain on the list and that your contact information is correct. black line


MCA RESTRICTED VECHICLE PARKING—See Restrictions Amendment, Paragraph 9, 5/12/2016 black line


Sarasota County Fire Department (5/30/17)— Reminds residents that PROPANE GRILLS, HIBACHIS, AND SIMILAR COOKING DEVICES cannot be used or stored on porches, balconies, breezeways, or lanais (other than one- and two-family dwellings). Use of such is a life-safety hazard and in violation of the National Fire Prevention Code. Failure to comply could result in non-compliance fees.

Sarasota County Area Transit (SCAT)New transfer station opened at UTC Mall in January. black line