On-Street Parking Agreement

On-Street Parking Agreement

Parking for events is not normally allowed on MCA streets; however, because space can be limited at times, the MCA will permit parking within certain guidelines. A signed On-Street Parking Agreement is required. Vehicles must be parked facing in the direction of traffic and only on one side of the street with tires in or close to the curb. Reflective cones must mark the designated area, and "No Parking" signs may be required by the MCA, placed on the opposite side of the street. These signs and cones can be obtained from the MCA. Call the MCA Operation Services Administrator at 377-2300.


1. Click the On-Street Parking Agreement link to open the document.

2. Select the printer iconprinter icon in the Acrobat Reader menu bar, typically at the top left of the page.

3. In the printer dialog box, select the On-Street Parking Agreement form.

4. Enter the number of copies you want to print and choose Print.

5. Fill out and sign the agreement and return it to the MCA off at 2004 Longmeadow, Sarasota, FL 34235; fax it to the MCA at 941-377-2248; or scan and attach it as a PDF file and email to administration@meadowsca.com.