Emergency Preparedness

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The Meadows Community Association Disaster Plan

In the event of a disaster—for example, severe weather, terrorism, other natural disaster, or man-made disaster— The Meadows Community Association Disaster Plan 2018 provides information about preparation for a disaster and safety for residents, staff, and volunteers during and after a disaster. The manual also includes information about volunteers, staff, and facilities that are prepared for the post-disaster period.


1. Click the Disaster Plan 2018 link to open the document. The document opens with a thumbnail navigation panel to the left. You can click a thumbnail in the panel to jump to the corresponding page in the document or you can use the scroll bar on the right to move up and down the document until you locate the section in the document specific to the information you want to see.


1. Select the printer icon printer icon in the Acrobat Reader menu bar, typically at the top left of the page.

2. Enter the number of copies you want to print and choose Print.

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Evacuation Maps and Shelters

Evacuation Map — For more detailed information, visit Sarasota County's website and enter your address in the search field to find your location on the map. To enlarge the map, click the plus (+) sign at the top left of the map; to make the map smaller, click the minus (-) sign.
Shelters — The Shelter List is interactive. Click the shelter in the list to find its location on the Sarasota County map.


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Additional Information and Forms Available from Sarasota County Government

Sarasota County Disaster Planning Guide
SCGOV Disaster Planning Guide

Sarasota County 911 Tips for Seniors
911 Tips Flyer

People With Special Needs (PSN)
Special Needs Information Flyer
People with Special Needs (PSN) Application

Pet Preparedness—Shelter information for cats and dogs only
You and Your Pet: Preparing for Disaster

Includes information like a list of shelter rule for pet owners, what to do after the storm, and important contact information.
Shelter Agreement
Includes the list of Sarasota County Emergency Management Pet Shelter rules and a form for your contact information and pet identification.
Shelter Admission/Discharge for Animal Form
Complete admission and release form required to admit your pet to a shelter.