Constant Contact logo red line

What is Constant Contact?

The Meadows Community Association instituted a new email system in April called Constant Contact, designed to keep residents up-to-date on happenings in the community or happenings nearby that might have an impact on the community.

There may be times when the MCA needs to disseminate timely information that did not make the deadline cut for publication in The Meadoword or important information that is happening real time. Constant Contact will allow us to do that. For example, we did not receive the road-paving schedule in time to publish it in The Meadoword, so we were able to send out an email notifying residents of the upcoming road-paving.

In early April, we sent a test message to residents. Some residents, however, did not recognize the email format and, thinking it was junk mail, unsubscribed. This email is not spam and should not be treated as such.

Future messages we send will look similar to the one below; and it will always display The Meadows logo. Constant Contact logo