Assembly of Property Owners

Mike Mazur, Chair
Malcom Hay, Liaison

Meets third Wednesday of the month, 4:00 pm, at the MCA
(No Assembly of Property Owners meetings June through September).
Meetings are open to Meadows residents.

MCA Assembly Rules

Best Kept (Subset of Standards & Restrictions)

Bud & Lesley Totten, Cochairs


Carlene Cobb, Chair

Claire Coyle, Liaison

Community Activities and Involvement

Marilyn Maleckas, Chair

Emergency Preparedness (Subset of Safety)

John Spillane, Chair

Meets the second Tuesday of the month, 1:30 pm,
April through December, at the MCA.


Jan Lazar, Chair  

If you have a question about or want to view a monthly
financial report, please contact the Finance & Budget Chair

or MCA Accounting.

Fining Hearing Panel

Marvin Glusman & Joy Howes

Long Range Planning

Malcolm Hay, Chair


Jo Evans, Chair
Bruce Ferretti, Liaison


Bob Clark, Chair


Bob Clark, Chair


John Spillane, Chairperson
Bart Levenson, Liaison

Meets first Monday of the month, 2:00 pm, at the MCA
(except July and August). Meetings are open to Meadows residents.

Volunteer Recruitment

Bruce Ferretti, Liaison

Water & Wildlife

Dr. Bob Hueter, Chair

Malcolm Hay, Liaison